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16 days ago

Making the move to Downtown Baltimore and nervous... : My SO (28M) got a job in Baltimore and we are officially moving on April 15th. We are moving to the 10 Light apartment building in downtown Baltimore. I'm (24 F) from the rural areas of Central Pennsylvania where I didn't have to worry about crime or theft. I'm very worried about the crime in Baltimore. We walked around Baltimore last weekend and there were many homeless people and drug dealers out in the middle of the day. I'm pretty sure I witnessed a drug deal in the middle of a busy street. I've heard that you can travel one block and be in a sketchy part of town, then walk another block and feel safe again. I would love to travel alone during the day, but I am worried that it will not be safe to do so. I'm afraid I'll end up in an unsafe part of town by accident. I also will be looking for work in the city (looking for restaurant/serving jobs). Do you have any recommendations for places to work that are in safe areas? tl;dr: I am moving to Baltimore and afraid of the crime the city is often paired with Full Article
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