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3 months ago

From UK. Staying until at least Sept. Right decision? : Looking for any input on my decision to hold out in Buenos Aires. Came out to travel in January and write about Latin American football. Been to a lot of matches but not anymore obviously. Repatriation flights have been offered but I’m deciding to stay and see how it goes without heading back to UK (London). My friend who came out to visit me 8 weeks ago has just left on a repatriation flight today. Feel a bit nervous about my decision. Only because I haven’t got the option to go back. Any opinions on what the economy, atmosphere, future looks like for Argentina. My Spanish is limited (I’m learning) and there’s only a certain amount of info I can pick up. (I look at The Bubble, BA times, Buenos Aires expat hub on Facebook etc). It’s a funny old time any which way you look at it. I love the Argentinian attitude and way they’ve handled the situation, love the community spirit, love the people I’ve met so far. I’ve got a false sense of pride for the nation. Perhaps I’ll just stay forever. Fuck it. Anyone else in same position? Thanks Full Article

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