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5 days ago

Using the flush median to turn right - travel distance : According to the law one of the intended uses of the flush median is for passing on the right when you are turning right and you are passing a line of cars who are not turning. In the law there's no mention of a limit on how far out this applies. The road code mentions the issue but it's unclear and not a legal document anyway. I saw a photo today of someone entering the flush median to turn right, about 200m away from the intersection, the straight-through traffic was backed up that far. In the ensuing discussion someone suggested that the police might issue a ticket for dangerous driving if they saw this. My main question is, is there any case law or other relevant law on the matter? Has anyone ever been ticketed for entering the flush median too early and taken it to court? I've seen discussion on this sub before of people entering too late (waiting until the turn lane opens), but not of entering too early :) Full Article
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