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7 days ago

Looking for Witnesses of 1990’s VBS Staged Armed Kidnapping : In what must have been in between the years of 1996-1998, my sister and I attended a vacation bible school in the Clay County area. The theme that year was jungle or safari? I realized this may be like finding needles in a haystack, but I’m looking for other witnesses of a highly traumatic “religious lesson” that was taught that year and possibly the name of the church. This purpose of this “lesson” was being a “witness for god”. The leaders of the VBS staged an armed kidnapping of one of the children. A gunman, possibly wearing a ski mask, entered the building with what we later learned was a fake gun. All the children, including myself, scattered and hid in fear under chairs, tables, and behind counters. The gunman then grabbed one of the children and held the gun to his head while proceeding to presumably kidnap him. Once the gunman left, the teachers calmed us all down and asked for any descriptive words of the gunman that we can give to the police because we were now “witnesses”. Frightened, we all raised our hands giving anything that we could remember. It’s possible that a policemen even came in. After the interrogation of the class, the gunman came back in. We were told that it was all a set up to teach us a lesson about being a witness for god and that the child who was kidnapped was actually the child of the gunman. I’m writing an article about this experience and need any details that I may have forgotten in the past 20 years. Most importantly, the name of the church and other students to back up this experience. Thank you in advance for your kindness and sensitivity. Full Article

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