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10 days ago

First semester classes for prospective MCB major? : Hello, I'm an incoming freshman under L&S, and will be beginning my first semester of classes at Berkeley in Fall 2019 (yay!). I'm a prospective MCB (or something super related to that)/pre-med student , and was curious as to which classes I should take. Currently doing Golden Bear Advising as well, but wanted personal anecdotes or advice too! Here is some info abt me: -All L&S essential skills are met already (except maybe Reading and Composition Part B, depends on my AP lit score) -Not quite sure what American Culture requirement is, but I don't think I've met that. Otherwise, all the other university requirements should be met -AP Courses+College courses taken during HS: AP Music theory, AP Lit and Composition, AP Bio, AP Stats, AP Physics, AP Chem, AP World History, Calc at a college, multivariable calc at a college As a premed, I really want to take one of these courses: Chem1A, Bio1A (GBA advises against this, so I'm considering ruling this out ig), Bio1B. Of these, which do you think is the best to start off the year with/ or is the most manageable straight out of high school? If you are premed or MCB, could you lmk what a manageable schedule looks like or what you took your first semester at Berkeley? I probably only want to do about 13 units for my first semester. Also, premed prereqs include things like math and english, which I'm pretty sure I can get credit/satsify for bc of my AP courses. I hear often that med schools don't like it when you fulfill prereqs with AP credit. Does this apply to just the sciences, or for Math/Stats and English as well? Basically, as a premed, what AP credits do you think I should utilize? (for ex, I know for sure that I won't be able to do anything with my AP bio score, but I might for AP Stats, AP calc, or AP lit) Sorry for asking so many questions, but I'd really appreciate ANY advice. Thanks so much!! Full Article
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