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14 days ago

Why You Should NOT Join DSP/Rho, BAP, AKPsi, PSE, and/or Theta Tau : I HIGHLY suggest anyone if its you or your friend to read over this chat before considering pledging one of these "professional fraternities" Business frats, and including Theta Tau, are some of the worst and most toxic organizations on UC Berkeley's campus and having previously been a part of one of them, I can most confidently say that NO ONE should be subject to the treatment you go through in the pledging process of these "organizations". Now that I've graduated, I feel a lot more comfortable sharing my experiences and the underground process of brutal mental and physical hazing that is worse than any social frat on this campus. Mental & Physical Hazing: Imagine that being berated, yelled at, forced to wake up at 4am-8am after sleeping at sometime between 2am-3am, and humiliated many days for 7-9 straight weeks. That is the hell that pledging involves. You are given quizzes on the brothers, the chapter, the pledge class, random professional topics from engineering to math to business, and more randomly throughout the week and if you fail them you are threatened each and every single time with the risk of being "kicked out". This mindset forces you to focus on pledging and "the process" for an incredibly taxing amount of time and the frats act as if the process is equally as important, if not even more important than school and the classes you take. (This is especially true with the business frats). They yell at you for failing, and when you try to leave they will always attempt to hold you back and manipulate you to stay only so they can mentally abuse you. At a certain point, they stop caring about your grades and your difficult your life is; they are so power hungry and caught up on pledging you and breaking down your mental stability all for the point making you become a "brother" in their "exclusive organization". You are also given pointless tasks, under the false vision that there is a reason for things like fundraising and selling shit like Chic-Fil-A and In-n-Out on Sproul for a fake purpose (Yes they do that, take a closer look at the orgs fundraising during the semester next time), as part of pledging. Furthermore, they will also assign you work and random tasks for the sole purpose of their own enjoyment that will force you to sacrifice not only your time, but your sleep, health, grades, etc. Not only that, but many times you are put in situations where you are pressured in to drinking; BAP & Theta Tau are especially known for making their pledges drink alcohol during events as a part of "wet" hazing. DSP/Rho was also heavy on drinking until pledges LITERALLY became injured and their process was exposed by the university due to their usage of the berkeley email domain (which is why they rebranded as Rho are underground nowadays). DSP/Rho is a very very dangerous organization. UC Berkeley generally turns its shoulders to this literal abuse of students. Please reach out if you have any questions. I personally used to be in one of the "lower" business frats and although the process wasn't that bad; I've realized how horrible it is and how most people just let it happen. This needs to change. submitted by /u/haasboy [link] [comments] Full Article
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