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3 months ago

Need Help With Language School in Tokyo : Hi everyone, I'm 21F from Indonesia and need some advices about my plan to study Japanese in Tokyo this year. I am looking at a few schools in Tokyo, but for now I'm interested in ISI Takadanobaba because my friend will be going to ISI Takadanobaba in April, and we are thinking of sharing a place if I do go there in July. Or if the place I'll be studying is close to his place. I'm thinking of going in July this year and I want to find a job after studying. I just have a few concerns: - (If I study properly) Do you think passing N2 is possible in 1 year? For finding a job? - Do you think it's better to go in July or October? I want to go there ASAP but at the same time I feel like I should save more money first before going there? In terms of finishing time too. - Do you have any other recommended Japanese language schools in Tokyo that are (proven) good and affordable? - I have saved AU $20,000 for this. Do you think that's enough? I'm also scared because I know gogonihon cannot help me with ISI for July, and they can help me apply to very limited schools in Japan because of difficult requirements for Indonesian passport holders. (?) I have tried to contact ISI directly and it seems like they can help me. Thank you so much! Have a good day everyone. :) Full Article
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