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5 days ago

Can anyone give me some insight on the EMS and hospital system in town? : Hello, ​ I am a paramedic that just moved here after the loss of my father and im going back to school full time at UNC. I living with family and have started to job hunting. I am looking for part time hours on an ambulance or at one if the local hospitals. ​ When i apply to the jobs I am instantly asked "If I am employed and in good standing as an EMT" within the county.I am not so it seems like I am instantly disqualified. Medics is the big dog (only?) that operates in county and then the hospitals seem to have there own services, Do the hospital trucks run though medics? ​ Is there a way to get "good standing" without working for the service? As someone who can only give about 36 hours a week am I SOL because Medics is only a full time company? I have other skills such as EKG and Iv but most jobs want you to have certs in those, does NC require a cert for everything and is this something I can challenge? ​ Just really confused about how this all works and I guess I am a little surprised at how much of a hold Medics has on everything Full Article
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