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about 24 hours ago

WPR journalist looking for folks to talk to about alcoholism in the nursing profession : Hi there, I'm working on a story for Wisconsin Public Radio about the rates of alcoholism among those in the nursing profession. The story is part of a larger series on how Wisconsin's alcohol culture affects the state. I've learned a lot so far about burnout, stress, long/hard hours, the rules and regulations with Wisconsin's BON, and that the Wisconsin Nursing Association has a peer-to-peer, confidential counseling program, but what I have been struggling to find is actual people who have dealt with the extreme stresses of the profession, and what that can sometimes lead to. If you are interested in sharing your experiences — and live in Wisconsin — I would greatly appreciate it. You can message me on Reddit or email me at []( Anything you share with me will be confidential until we've had a chance to connect. Thank you so much. Jenny Full Article
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