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Explaining the "38 pieces of flair": How to use and search! : "We need to talk. Do you know what this is about?" ​ "My pieces of flair?" ​ One of the things I really wanted to get done and help out on this subreddit was curating and categorizing content to better help users. (I love organization!) So I've sifted through and tagged EVERY post from the last year. (and then some). I've noticed quite a few specialty topics and have a special flair for them. Some flair is moderator restricted to prevent abuse. This notice will change as tags do as well. This will explain each tag and what it's used for. I've put a filter link for each so you can quickly filter to such posts. ​ Am I required to attach flair?: No, but it'd be pretty cool if you did. (Matthew McConaughey voice) ​ ​ Photo/Video If it's a video or photo taken in the Sarasota area, use this tag. ​ Local Politics If it's politics that only affect a city. Ex Sarasota, Siesta Key, North Port, etc. ​ Politics - County/State If it's politics that affect either the county or the state as a whole. ​ News It could be local, county, or state. Don't use for politics. Don't use for satire. Don't use for Airport News. ​ SRQ News - Satire Satire news about Sarasota. There's a Sarasota Satire Government page. It's pretty hilarious and accurate. ​ SRQ Airport News News about the Sarasota/Bradenton Airport. ​ Discussion General discussions about Sarasota, Florida, whatever. ​ Event It's happening! In Sarasota and surrounding areas!!! ​ History New to Sarasota? Curious? Learn about Sarasota's past! ​ Abandoned Places Urban explorers unite! Looking for abandoned places? Here are the discussions on that! ​ Guide Sarasota is an amazing place! Looking to explore? Here are guides for all kinds of interests in the area! ​ Review Local residents who have an opinion about something local. Food, hotels, whatever! ​ Moving (Help Me Make Life Decisions!%2522&restrict_sr=1) Plan on moving to Sarasota? Got questions? We've got answers! ​ Local Questions (What's up with XYZ?) (Fixing tag link I used a ' in the name. D'oh!) Have a question about something in the Sarasota area? When's trash pick up? What's that smell? Etc. ​ Looking For Suggestions! Can't decide on something in town? Food? Drink? What to do? ​ Beach Questions Hows the beach? ​ Rubbernecking What was that?! Look at this! OMG!!! For all you looky loos. Florida roads are weird as hell! ​ Dank Riblets (memes)%22&restrict_sr=1) It's a joke or a meme. If it has to deal with Applebees. It's dank. Tag it so we can all enjoy! ​ Meetups Let's meet in our community! Want to meet people with a similar interest? ​ Special Needs Assistance For special needs children, adults, and animals. ​ Community Outreach We are a community that loves and cares for one another. Get involved! ​ Short Stay Questions If you're going to be here less than a year, you post here. ​ Buy/Sell/Giveaway We ain't craigslist but that don't stop any one! ​ General Florida Florida is weird. If it's Florida and don't fit anywhere else, it fits here. ​ RANTS I'M MAD! LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT IT! ​ Red Tide If it deals with red tide, it goes here. ​ Job Opportunities (Hiring)%22&restrict_sr=1) If you're looking to hire someone. Post here. ​ Job Opportunities (Seeking)%22&restrict_sr=1) If you need a job, post here. ​ ​ Special Moderator only Flairs: Msg a mod to get these flairs ​ ​ Community Alert These are urgent alerts dealing with life, limb, and property. Time is critical and we need as many eyes as possible. Missing children and animals are also here. To prevent crying wolf, this is restricted and must accompany an official notification or news article. ​ Survey For School Every single student in school must be told to come ask reddit and post their survey here. To prevent spamming, this flair is restricted. Please only post your survey ONCE. If no one answers it, don't post it again! ​ Moderator Notice Sometimes the moderators need to tell you things. Important things. Like this. It's self-explanatory why this flair is restricted. ​ Active Troll (SHAME SHAME SHAME) This category is a temporary flair. If we discover a troll but don't want to ban them quite yet but burn them, you'll see this flair. This flair should be exceptionally rare. Full Article
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