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7 days ago

Any Experience with Logistics/Transportation Industry in Tacoma? : Hi everyone! I am a college student studying Logistics Management, and I'm going to graduate this May. I have been planning to relocate to the PNW (from Ohio) for a while now and Tacoma seems to be a beautiful, industrious city, so obviously it's on my list! I was wondering if anyone on this sub has any experience with the logistics industry in Tacoma, and if you believe there are plenty of good jobs in the field? I am very impressed with the waterways/ports in the city, and the idea of working in maritime logistics is very exciting, but I'm sure I'd have a better chance of staying more inland. Any help or experiences are greatly appreciated! Also, sorry if you get a lot of these "jobs?" posts. I know a lot of cities/people in the PNW are anti-transplant (especially against transplants from California, which I am not!), but I assure you I am a respectful person for the most part. Full Article
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