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8 days ago

Lake Nona is getting a new 'linear park,' the first of its kind in Orlando : On Thursday, Lake Nona announced plans for a new 7-acre park that will feature an open waterway designed to aid with stormwater management. The linear-design park, which is scheduled to begin construction next year, will also have trails, smaller pocket parks, a 100-foot wide activity space, and a half-mile path that connects it to the Lake Nona town center and the Laureate Park neighborhood. The stormwater system will replace more than a half-mile of road with an open waterway, where the water will flow over a series of weirs, or low-head dams, into a Laureate Park lake. Water will recirculate from the lake to a series of source points to ensure a continuous flow. "We could have gone the traditional route of building a road and the infrastructure to manage stormwater underground, but instead we challenge our team to be resourceful and think differently," Jim Zboril, president of Tavistock Development Co., said in a press release. Tavistock is a real estate firm based in Orlando that handles many projects in Lake Nona. The new park is one of three planned for Lake Nona.… Full Article
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