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10 days ago

Freaking out a little bit over course selection — electives vs. professional development : I have an internship right now, and my manager recently suggested that I should take more front-end web development classes because more and more analytics roles are requiring you to be able to integrate dashboards into existing websites. I'm workshopping my schedule so that I can add CS 160/184, but I'm having to sacrifice elective classes that I've been looking forward to since I got to Berkeley. I also want to learn more about product design/management, but at this point my semesters are as full as they can be. I'm in the CoE so I have to finish by my expected graduation date, and I would rather spend my summers in an internship than taking courses. I guess my question is, what would you do? Prioritize courses that will push you forward professionally, or those that are fun and outside of your major? submitted by /u/childishnemo [link] [comments] Full Article
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