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11 days ago

LFP for Tabletop RPG in the Tampa Palms/New Tampa area : Do you like TTRPG's, but wish people played something other than D&D and Pathfinder? Or maybe you're a transplant that's new to Florida that hasn't found a gaming group yet? Or, perhaps you're a middle-aged person who used to play TTRPG's when you were younger and wish you could play again? We are currently looking for players to join our group, and if any of the above describes you we'd love to hear from you. We are all working professionals with other commitments, but we've decided to carve out some time to continue our favorite hobby. We typically play every other weekend (Friday evenings or Sunday afternoons) for about 4-5 hours, and the game is in the Tampa Palms/New Tampa area north of USF. ​ Below are some settings and (systems) we've played over the years: Shadowrun (5th ed) Star Trek (GURPS 4th ed) Traveller (Mongoose) Fading Suns (Open D6 / Reign) Full Article
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