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about 21 hours ago

Is it me, or is anyone else freaking out about Connecticut's financial crisis? : Oh top of that Ned Lammont will inevitably try to squeeze as much money out of the taxpayers through tolls and taxes on almost anything else like......cats. About 1 out of 8 of my friends have decided to settle down in CT. I drive down the road to work in a residential area and almost every house has a For Sale sign out front. There's little to no funding for fast road maintenance and repair.... "Hi there, Mr. Pothole!" Small business owners are holding on for dear life hoping that things will get better. I understand how the economy fluctuates and things may get tough for your average American. I'm no economist, nor have I ever said that I was one, but when your average joe like me looks around and see's all of this going on, how can I not freak out a little bit and get worried about the future. Does anyone get worried like this? Do you think there's a light at the end of the tunnel? Full Article

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