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4 days ago

Court Date - Failure to yield at Stop Sign : Hi, Bare with me. I’m legally an adult but I’ve got so much to learn about being an adult. I (21F) got a ticket a month ago for not stopping at a stop sign. The stop sign is located on a road which normally has a lot of pedestrians. But I ran the stop sign at 11:00pm when there were very few people walking around. (Not downplaying my violation; just painting a picture for you) From the ticket, I learned that 1) I could plead guilty and pay $85 or 2) I could go to court. This is my first time getting a ticket and I don’t know how to navigate such a situation. My dad explained that if I plead guilty and pay the $85, the 2 points would remain under my name. He felt it was better for us to go to court with a lawyer and have the 2 points removed. (We called the lawyer my family has used in the past but he wasn’t available on this particular date. And we didn’t get around to finding another lawyer.) Well... my court date is TOMORROW and I don’t have a lawyer. I’ll be requesting a public defendant because I don’t have the fight in me. I guess, we’re hoping to have the two points removed because it’s my first violation ever. I get anxious and I just need to know what I should expect. What should I expect my day to look like? (Reporting time is 9AM) What should I expect my time in front of the judge to be like? (Most importantly, how much will I have to speak?) What do I say to the public defendant? What should I expect the outcome to be? Lastly, I will be okay, right? Life will go on, right? EDIT: grammar Full Article
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