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6 days ago

Looking for a House for Rent - Baymeadows/Southside/Arlington Area : Hey all! I recently just got an awesome new job at the Florida Blue Campus (yay me) and so me and my significant other moved from Orlando to Jacksonville. I'm looking for a house to rent in the Baymeadows/Southside/Arlington Area (by UNF? Are there any other names for this area? I'm new here). We're looking for somewhere in the $1400/month range, but we're flexible as the new career pays well so we will easily clear the 3x minimum income/rent requirement. We've also been long-time renters for our current landlord and we have multiple references from the landlord, maintenance etc. The biggest issue I've found through realty services is that even when looking at renting houses that allow pets, there are breed restrictions. I have a German Shepherd that is a foster animal, and it doesn't seem to matter that he's an old fart who I received when he was found after being hit by a car, and can barely walk, let alone be aggressive in any way, the realty places still count him as an aggressive breed and so we can't apply. I'm currently living out of a hotel while the SO and dog are in Orlando, so the sooner we can find a place, the happier we'll be. So does anybody have any leads, or know of any houses for rent/landlords in the area that don't mind German Shepherds (again, no joke, he's useless lol but he's my buddy) and is just looking for a dependable, no-nonsense tenant? Or, more broadly, does anybody know of any realty agencies that doesn't have breed restrictions? Thanks in advance! Full Article

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