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9 days ago

Best place/app to meet people? : Hi all. I’ll be on holiday in OC for 10 days in just under a months time. Flying in from Europe. Mid 20s male. Despite having done multiple solo trips abroad, I’m terribly worried/nervous that I won’t meet anybody out there, that I might be alone a lot, get bored and depressed so far away from home (Other than the 1 or 2 days I’ll see some family in L.A). Yes welcome to my worst case scenario mindset lol. Are there any apps or places to meet people? I’m somewhat of a sociable introvert. Idm going places to try talk to people, I’m just a bit wary that it might look weird lol! My friends are telling me to get Tinder out there and just swipe as much as I can, so I’ll probably do that. From this subreddit I gather people in OC are quite polite, nice and welcoming. I hope the people I do meet out there are the same🙏🏽. Full Article

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