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9 days ago

Hoping to rehome some dogs : Not sure if this is allowed but I'm going for it anyway. Let me know. Looking to help a very good friend rehome two dogs that she has developed allergies to. Both dogs do not have to go to the same home. Located in the Abingdon area but am willing to drive. One is a seven year old border collie/lab mix who is, without exception, the most loving single creature in the entire world. His name is Grayson. He is great with kids and other dogs or cats, he is incredible with people, he is the walking and borking anthropomorphization of the concept of love. Grayson will be your best friend from the first day you meet him. I cannot stress how much this is NOT exaggerated in anyway. If you are into being aggressively licked by a dog for forty-five minutes in a row, Grayson will spend his entire life trying to make your day better in any way he can. The other is a boxer/lab mix who is six years old with the eyes of an old and studious wizard. Damien cannot go to a house with kids because of some anxieties, but is incredible with other dogs and any adult humans. This dog is FIERCELY loyal and has legitimately saved my life before. Damien will spend twenty straight hours curled into the same ball on the same chair, only moving when you get home for work to do some HECKIN snuggles. Don't tell Grayson but this one is my favorite. If I had any room in my home for another dog, Damien would live with me. Both dogs are house trained, leash trained, and healthy. If you have any questions please contact me over messenger or in the comments of this post. I'd like them to go to a good home with people that I know, but I understand that that's an ideal pipe dream situation. If you know anyone who wants an incredible dog and will treat them well, please message me with their information. Full Article
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