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16 days ago

Lost blanket on club at summer valley. : Hey everyone i know this is a long shot but i have a little hope left. About maybe a year ago (or a little more) i got evicted from the apartment complex called club at summer valley and i lost everything, everyone helped themselves to my stuff, table, chairs, couch, but I'll i want back is a wall-e blanket that my dad gave me on Christmas of 2008 i asked as many neighbours as i could but it was nowhere to be found. All i could do was cry and wonder how people can just steal someones life like that especially while being evicted/homeless to a young teen so i decided to let it go but recently my dad called me from Mexico and asked me if i still had it and through tears i had to lie and tell him i was just about to wash it. Please its something that is very important to me i will give a 80 dollar reward to anyone who can help me find it, ill offer more money if necessary i just want my fathers gift back. Full Article
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