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4 months ago

Goodbye Oakland : After 12 years in The Town, it’s time to say goodbye. I came here during an incredible wave of renaissance and witnessed transformation along the way. Most of my early time was spent by the lake, eventually moving to Golden Gate. I met my wife here, fell in love, helped build a great company and bought my first home. Countless fond memories of nights out, days in your parks, the beer scene, the music scene, and those hot summer days just riding around taking in the scenery. I loved the grit, defended your diversity, and was proud for years to live here. But Oakland, you loved to show your teeth ever once and a while. I had my life threatened several times, been called more racial slurs than I can remember, had my car broken into so many times, had my wife’s car spray painted, learned to tell difference between gunshots and fireworks. Still with all that I had your back. Honestly I’m sad to see what you’ve become these last few years. Safety is lower than I can remember, respect for personal property is gone, trash is everywhere, the homeless challenge, and all the new faces here who I don’t recognize and don’t appreciate you for who you once were long before I showed up. Schools are closing, the PD can’t get themselves together, the roads are a mess, the city is bleeding property owners for every tax dollar, your sports teams are leaving (except the best one Go A’s!)...I’m just not sure you’re gonna ever really maximize the beautiful potential I know you have. So I’m passing the torch to the others who are sticking it out or just arriving. Keep believing in Oakland, keep standing up for her when others in the Bay or the world wince when they here her name. Oakland you’re worth it, but I can’t be here anymore. I know I’m blessed to have a choice and with that I’m choosing to leave. I’ll be super close and will visit you when I can, but my next chapter starts somewhere new. Take care you guys, much love. submitted by /u/wayne93117 [link] [comments] Full Article
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