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6 days ago

Visiting USA (CA, NV, AZ) in Aug/Sep for 3 weeks, need some advice and information : Hello, First of all let me say that I hope this is the right place to post this. Now, to cut down to the chase, I plan a 3 week visit in USA in late summer/early autumn. I will be visiting: San Francisco Area - 5 days Yosemite - 2 days Death Valley - 1 day Las Vegas - 3 days Grand Canyon - 2 days Hoover Dam - 1 day Calico - 1 day Los Angeles Area - 7 days Here are my questions: Is the number of days allocated enough for each of the objectives? For accommodation I checked AirBnb and Booking, are there any other services I should look into? (I'm from Europe, maybe you have something which is widely used there, but not used here) I plan to rent a car for most of this time period, do you have any recommendation of agencies? I'm looking for agencies which accept Debit Cards, as I don't use Credit Cards. The only one I know of is Avis. Is it necessary to really carry a Credit Card? I plan on having Cash and a Debit Card, will this be enough to pay for food, gas, accommodation, tickets etc? On the same note, should I have an embossed card? Or should the card have the magnetic band enabled? Thanks, that would be all the questions that come to mind right now. If something isn't clear let me know! Full Article
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