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14 days ago

Need help finding doggo a new home in Orange County : My 23 year old cousin isn't really taking care of her dog, she's had it for a year now and it's 15 months old. She leaves it in the cage for 23 hours a day and only takes it out for an hour. Her mom is passive aggressive and isn't really addressing the issue. Her grandmother is the one paying for its food. They apparently got this dog at an animal shelter and in order to return it, she told me it's like a 6 month waiting list and they have to pay like 350 dollars or something. So anyway, I was asked by my aunt if I could help find another place that would take the dog because she's going to report her grand daughter for animal cruelty. The only thing that is stopping her from doing that is the fate of the dog, she doesn't want the dog put down and I guess in some enabling way, she doesn't want to see her granddaughter get stuck with a criminal record. I don't own dogs or know anything about how to figure out this situation. My aunt asked if I could assist her this week on trying or giving her resources at least since she doesn't know how to use the internet. What do you guys think I should do? Full Article

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