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9 days ago

Economics Exam Studying Advice : Hey r/berkeley, hope everyone is having a great summer! I'm taking Economics 1 right now and our midterm is next Wednesday. It will probably cover stuff from the basics all the way up to market failures/monopolies--so essentially microeconomics. The professor is a visiting lecturer from UCSD, so she probably isn't someone you guys have had before. I have never taken a formal economics class before this, other than Academic Decathlon in high school where I learned basic stuff (like inferior/normal goods, supply/demand, substitutes/complements) so I'm a bit nervous. Does anyone have any advice for studying? Especially tips geared specifically towards economics. Here's what I've gathered so far: 1) The regular shebang: read assigned stuff, go over lectures, do problem sets, get help if needed, start early, etc. 2) Do a lot of practice problems, get ready to apply concepts (since economics is very applied and scenario-based, based on what I can see with old Econ 1 midterms and stuff); don't just memorize (but that probably goes for any subject) 3) A relative of mine, who used to tutor Econ at the SLC and now works in the field, said that group/peer studying was especially helpful in that true? I tend to prefer studying alone since large groups can get more social vs. studying-oriented, but I've reached out to one other person so far in the class. Any and all advice, especially from Econ majors or people who have taken a lot of economics classes here, is appreciated. I hope everyone is having a great Monday evening and has a great rest of the week :) Full Article
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