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3 months ago

New marijuana dispensary is open for all adults over 21 in Bloomington : I have been taking advantage of our new weed laws in this state but I always have to drive to East Peoria or Urbana to get weed, which can be a hassle However! Good news! One of the dispensaries in Bloomington is now open to everyone, not just patients with medical marijuana cards. Looks like it has been open to everyone for about 2 weeks now. Not sure why I am learning about this today but whatever. Based on the pricing online, it is about 2% more expensive than the other places I have tried but also not 50 miles away. I'm going to check it out this afternoon. They do take online orders, which is cool. You don't have to but it does reserve your item. I have been to quite a few dispensaries around here that end up sold out of items when you get there. Remeber it's cash only and the prices online include tax. The places I have been to before usually have ATMs onsite but they do have a fee associated with them. I'll report back if there are any problems, like if the staff is full of assholes, but quite exciting news for those of us who like to indulge a bit and don't want to spend an afternoon driving to and from Urbana, or god forbid...Peoria. Edit: It's actually in Normal but I can't edit the title now. Oh well 501 West Northtown Road Normal, IL 61761 Full Article

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