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19 days ago

Dear Tampa - Day 5 & Goodbye Tampa, thank you! : We got up this morning and took my parents back to Lettuce Park. It was a bit chilly, but my mom & dad wouldn't have missed going even if Tampa happened to have 6 inches of snow on the ground. We spent 3 hours there and I'll say thank you again to whoever suggested it. We grabbed a quickie lunch and took off for Ybor City. Let me be clear and say I completely understand why it was recommended to bring the kids *during daylight*. We had a good chuckle at the chickens running around, checked out Dysfunctional Grace (the shrunken heads aren't for sale I asked) and bought a few items at Agora and at Columbia's gift shop. We ate at Carne Chophouse and the boys devoured their bacon wrapped shrimp and I enjoyed the beef tips. My autistic son had a t-shirt custom made at DRIP (I think that was the name...(ceramics & artsy type store)...and its seriously badass. It was after sunset and the district was beginning to kick it, so we headed for the car. Not before we were regaled by a drummer in a fur coat beating 5 gallon plastic which read "need money for cocaine and hookers" haha. I gave him 5 bucks lol. You all are prolly bored by my dear Tampa posts by now so the good news is that we leave out tomorrow morning and head back to 27 degree with an ice storm in Ohio. Because of this sub, I was able to give my boys a good time and still have a plethora of things we didnt have a chance to do, or the time to do, when we come back. Thank you to those who responded to my OP with your suggestions and ideas! Each and every one was greatly appreciated! Until next time.... Full Article
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