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5 days ago

Got my 61a MT1 score have a quick question. : To preface I'm a cross enrollment student. The reason I took this class was so I could show AOs I could belong if I could succeed in the class. But lo and behold despite doing a good amount of prep (at least I think I did) I got a 26.5/40. What's the highest realistic grade I can get in the class now? Because if I get lower than a B+ in this class I think I kill my chances of transferring in before even submitting an application. Sorry for the spam just this is stressing me out. edit: Just got Denero's email. These are his predictions: Mean: 21.06 Median: 21.0 Standard Deviation: 9.42 A-/A: 31 B+/A-: 27 B/B+: 22 B-/B: 13 C+/B-: 10 submitted by /u/ArkBirdFTW [link] [comments] Full Article
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