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3 days ago

Interested in rock climbing? Climb already? Parks Board meeting, July 18 5:30pm, City Hall. : A group called the Coulee Region Climber's Cooperative working with ORA has put together a formal proposal to open the south faces of Grandad's Bluff to rock climbing. Those "ITK", know there are already ~60 developed routes to climb, but they also know this is technically trespassing and not an activity the Parks Dept. approves of. According to a vague 1980 ordinance, you can be ticketed for trespassing almost anywhere besides the lookout in Grandad's Park. They've long turned a blind eye - because we're not using any City resources, have had no incidents, and are generally good stewards of the land - but a trails project set for next year through the park, meant someone is now paying attention and we needed to cover bases to keep the crag. Come in support, July 18th, 5:30pm at City Hall! We're presenting the Board with our proposal, and a show of support from the outdoors community to highlight this tourism-generating and active location, is appreciated! Full Article
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