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11 days ago

I really need advice on moving out of Pakistan : Let me just say I’m from Ireland, not Pakistan, so I don’t fully understand visas. However my best friend is from Pakistan and his brother in law is really in need of help. He is a great person who normally gets top grades but recently failed his course as it is in an area he doesn’t have an interest in that area and struggled. He has so much potential but is struggling financially and neither me or my friend are in a good enough position to help. Apparently there is not much he can achieve by staying in Pakistan and feels he needs to move elsewhere. Either Ireland or Australia preferably as he has family there. However he wants to complete a college course but can’t as you need to pay college fees before you apply for a student visa, which isn’t possible as they are too expensive. Does anyone have any advice on payment plan options or anything that could be useful, he is pretty desperate. Thank you in advance TLDR: my best friends brother in law is looking to move out of Pakistan but can’t as he is struggling financially, any advice on what he can do? Full Article
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