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8 days ago

Anyone else living in the co-ops next year and excited as fuck? : I know people have mixed opinions about them but honestly I'm so excited to live in the co-ops (I'll be in CZ) next semester. Living in an apartment this year has actually been kinda terrible for me, especially since I hate my apartment mates and it's antisocial as fuck. I've tried getting to know other students in my apartment building but it seems like no is interested in getting to know each other. While I do have close friends in clubs/classes, etc., it's still such a hassle hanging out with people that live 20-25 minutes way from you. Sometimes I find myself coming home from classes and just sitting there for hours not knowing what to do with myself. The thought of being able to walk 10 feet to your friend's room to hang out, or coming home from a long day of classes knowing that there will be something fun going on is really what's been keeping me going these days. Although I know it's gonna be grimey and loud, I feel like I'm really gonna enjoy living with a bunch of crazy people in such a close setting. Full Article
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