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13 days ago

Fresh College Grad with a job offer in the area, looking for advice as I try to work out if it is financially viable for me to make it in San Diego : I'll be as quick and concise as possible, I really appreciate any advice from those of you who are also transplants, or became independent soon after school. I completed my undergraduate degree 2 months ago in December and have been fortunate enough to begin working full time in SW Virginia where I went to school. Moving to San Diego (really anywhere in the county), has been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember. I have family in La Jolla, and my sister attended UCSD for 6 years. While I have begun work fulltime here in Virginia, my current work isn't exactly career related, it's close but not what I really went to school for. In the time I have been working I have been applying for jobs every other night, almost all of which are in Southern California, most of which are in San Diego. After 65 applications I got a bite. It is a part time internship for $14.50 at 24hours a week. The internship is 6 months, but there is a chance, that afterwards (budget dependent) it may be extended or a fulltime position may open. I do not know what fulltime would pay. If I worked $14.5 for 24 hours a week I would hope to supplement that with 26 hours of $12 minimum wage (if I can't find anything else better). This position is near Escondido, an hour away on paper from my family in La Jolla. My car gets 18-22mpg. I would hope to find a place in North County closer to work as soon as I can to not be a burden on my uncle and his family, but I would live there at the start. My second opportunity, which I am interviewing for later today, is a full time benefited position for $16/hour for 40 hours a week. It is ~20 minutes on paper from my uncle. I would still hope to possibly supplement this work with a part time minimum wage job, this one would be easier in the beginning as it is closer to my uncle, and I do not have to worry about it becoming a full time opportunity in the future as it already is one. This post is already longer than I hoped it to be, so I will wrap it up here. I have looked at salary calculators, I have glanced at rent in an around the area, but with seemingly so many variables I do not know how to reach a definite answer on if it's possible for me to make it on $33k-$38k. I am okay with my quality of life not increasing for another 5 years as I start my career in the area. I am okay living with roommates and only having a single room to myself like I did as an undergrad. These decision's don't even factor in leaving my girlfriend who still has a year left in school. Anyways thank you for reading, any and all advice is appreciated! TL;DR: Fresh college grad who wants to begin their career in San Diego. Okay with living like an undergrad student for another 5 years (with roommates). Think I can make it on $33k-$38k? Full Article
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