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12 days ago

Dog : Hello Sacramento! There is a sweet 8 yr old pit bull currently in sac county animal shelter. He was my baby from a puppy and lived with a new family for the past six years because we moved around a lot for military and were not able to take him onto military bases (they don’t allow pit bulls) very stupid so this was the best option for him. I would love to be able to adopt him again it has been six yrs and I can’t believe the family gave him up. In that time period we got a small rescue dog who does not do good with other dogs. I would love to be able to help find him a home, so I am at a loss of options. He is house broken and does great as cuddle companion. Very sweet guy. In the photo him name is Ellsworth ID: A777180ellsworth submitted by /u/shongalongadingdong [link] [comments] Full Article
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