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10 days ago

Having trouble choosing between two schedules : So I'm pretty undecided on my major (choosing between environmental or math-oriented majors) and part of fpf, so I want to get more of my breadths out of the way. I narrowed it down to 2 different schedule options: Math 1b, Geog 30, Geog 50AC, and Phil 2 Or Math 1b, EPS 80, Ethnic studies 21, and Music 27 ​ I'm more interested in Geog 30 (oceans) over EPS 80, but according to berkeleytime 12-77 %ile of students get an A in EPS, whereas it's like 49-85 %ile for Geog 30. Between Geog 50AC and Ethstd 21, I like Geog 50AC more because the topics covered in ethstd seem to be more prevalent and I want to take a class where I'll learn something I can't learn as easily anywhere else. I like both Phil 2 and Music 27, worried that having Phil 2 + Geog 50AC would be too writing intensive. Also, is it better for my classes to all be from different depts? ​ Thanks for your help! If you've taken any of these classes with fpf (or without), please lmk your experience Full Article
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