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9 days ago

The long awaited review of GBC bananas : Overall appearance: 6 Not bad for how long it was sitting in my backpack. It had a bruise from my water bottle and having been in my backpack while skating, so it was a rough ride. Overall, not too shabby, though another day may have made it the perfect shade of yellow. Ease of peeling: 9 Easy and to peel, top came off with a nice snap, got a tiny little bit of that thing where the sides stuck together but not bad. Smell: 8 Very fragrant and floral, nice smell but I could tell it was a n00b. If it was a day older then the smell would have been a little sweeter and that much better Taste: 8 First bite was a little disappointing. It tasted a little bit underripe and I could tell. After that, it really grew on me. Good tasting 'nana. The aftertaste is really where this bad boy shines. The subtleties make you pay attention Mouthfeel: 9 This is a big one for me. The texture was fantastic. Nice and firm, but not so firm that it stands out as underripe. From the first bite I could tell it was gonna be a good ride. It's at that sweet spot where you don't have to bite all the way through but breaking off the chunk in your mouth doesn't accidentally break off more than you want. The ONLY detractor here was a very very slight chalkiness that I wasn't crazy about. Overall, very enjoyable experience. Price: 3 I got this banana for 95¢ and that is way too much for a banana. I did use flex points so I guess that's nice but this could have been way cheaper. I meant to post this a while ago but I decided to wait to verify the price because I was in disbelief. Good banana but still... Overall, I'd give this banana an 6. The appearance left a lot to be desired, but this is one that put function over form, and it really shows. It was a good size, maybe could have used another day to push it up in taste, but regardless, I would eat this banana again. The main thing bringing this down to a six was the price. I just can't justify getting a banana for that price. I'm sure trader Joe's or Target has comparable ones for way less. Such a shame that a banana of this caliber is being pushed down this low. Hope you all enjoyed. Full Article
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