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14 days ago

Warning about job, looking for work : First i wanted to warn any one who is searching for work on craigslist and other sites, please if this is a under the table(gig) job or claim your own taxes demand to be paid daily. I worked two weeks ago for a guy (pm me for his name) doing tile flooring, worked about 37 hours not including my drive. The guy was very friendly and nice until it came time to pay at the end, i got the run around. He is waiting on the guy to pay, he got a check, the check didnt clear blah blah blah. I asked him to see the check and he wouldnt show me. Now he has totally blocked me. Honestly this seemed so natural to this guy that i highly doubt im the first person he did this too! He got me for about $500 and it really has affected my and my kids lifes. I was using this to pay past due bills but now im honestly at a lost. My fpl bill is past due, and no way to pay it now. Please please please dont hesitate to ask to be paid daily if its a job that isnt on the books. If they say no than i would be hesitant to do it. No one should have to work for free. P.s is there any cash jobs or work any one is aware of ? I really need something to make up what i lost and take care of my past due bills. Im a flooring installer by trade but am comfortable doing alot of diffrent work. Will do almost anything to keep the lights on for my family! Thank you! Full Article
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