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6 days ago

The Orlando Talk Show Podcast Live Taping : My name is Ross McCoy and I have spent a number of years here in Orlando as a comedian, podcaster and broadcaster. Recently I started my own Podcast, The Orlando Talk Show with Ross McCoy, which you can find on your preferred podcast app by searching most combinations of those words and/or #totswithross. It is a personal storytelling podcast with an emphasis on stories that happened in Orlando or Florida. What I would really like to tell you about today is the first ever live recording of my podcast Saturday June 22nd. Ticket price includes two live show recordings: one with two Orlando podcast and broadcast luminaries who prefer to remain nameless until the night, one of whom I have listened to since I moved here in 2001 and who is still on the air todday; the other with local treasure Big Tim Murphy who grew up locally and very uniquely, his episode will post in July so we are calling it Christmas In July with Big Tim and it will start with and be focused on the holidays. That is what the ticket price gets you, also included free is the stellar service at the event venue, The Bull & Bush Pub on Robinson. If you have never been it is a great little (non-smoking inside, smoking patio out back) spot with amazing pub food ($3 scotch egg is out of this world), 20 oz draft pours and Signature Great Scott Service (the service will be great and your bartender will be named Scott). tl/dr ticket link in comments just buy one Thanks and I hope to see you there! Full Article
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