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14 days ago

where should i move to in florida ? : hello! i’m currently a high schooler who’s getting ready to begin the college process since i’ll be a junior in september and i’ve always wanted to move to florida not just for school but to also start a new life and start a family! i’ve been to florida (orlando and tampa) and i fell in LOVE! especially with tampa. i currently live in a small town outside the norfolk and virginia beach area of virginia and i absolutely hate it up here and i also lived here all my life and i want a change. the people here suck and they’re not the best to be around, we don’t have that much to do up here and since i’ve lived up here all my life i’ve did everything, and the crime in the hampton roads area has gotten really bad over the past few years and i don’t see myself living in virginia after high school. i’ve looked into some schools that i was really interested in jacksonville but i haven’t heard the greatest things about jacksonville. i heard the crime is really bad over there and i also heard the city just sucks in general. but i’ll probably try and visit jacksonville and see the city for myself. but what other cities in florida would y’all recommend? i’m still debating if i wanna stay on or off campus. so i’m looking for a city or town that doesn’t have that much crime, plenty of things to do, that’s not super expensive for an apartment, and that’s not too far from a beach! i do plan of bringing my car and registering in florida for my convince and i wouldn’t have to worry about the state inspections like we do up here in virginia. so is it really expensive to register a car in florida from out of state? but if i was to chose any place in florida to move too i’d would definitely be the tampa bay area! how do y’all feel about the tampa bay area? is it really hard to get a job in that area? for any out of state transplants who moved to florida, how do y’all like it in florida? what do you hate and love about florida? would y’all move back to your home state if you had the chance? sorry it was so many questions i just want to make sure moving to florida would be the best decision :) Full Article
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