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13 days ago

Proving residency at the DMV for someone who's been out of state : Hi guys. I have a question regarding proving residency for a learners licence in Cali. ​ My situation is that I was abroad studying for about 8 months after leaving my last apartment. Now I'm back for my graduate degree and am staying at a family ranch, but I need a car to get around. I need a permit to start taking lessons but that requires proof of residency. I still have a valid California ID with my old address on it, and all my bank/credit card info is still linked to that address, which I was planning on changing upon getting a new apartment. ​ Would the DMV accept that old card, or should I bring utility bills from the family residence? Should I explain the situation to them or would they deny me based on not have current residency? If I had access to a current flat it wouldn't be an issue but I'm still searching for one, and ideally I would have the car upon moving in, and not the other way around (I'll need it to get to classes depending on how far it is from school). ​ Thanks for your help. Full Article
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