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12 days ago

Urge Governor Hogan: Pass the Oyster Fishery Management Plan! : Maryland’s oysters are in trouble. While restoration efforts are working, a recent oyster stock assessment found that Maryland’s oyster population has declined by more than half from around 600 million market size oysters in 1999 to less than 300 million in early 2018. These results mean one thing—our current system of oyster fishery management is not working. Recently, Maryland's General Assembly passed legislation with strong bipartisan support that would take a major step forward in restoring Maryland's oysters, by creating an oyster fishery management plan. This plan would use a scientific model to provide stakeholders with an objective analysis of the impacts of management actions that they propose and implement a facilitated, consensus-based process to provide recommendations to resource managers. ​ ​ Also on a side note, it takes years for an Oyster to fully develop, yet seconds to harvest them. This is not sustainable, Larry Hogan wants to protect the Oyster Fisherman industry instead of helping our Bay become more healthy. ​ If you care about the water quality and Maryland's Oysters, Click This Link and Urge Governer Hogan to pass this! Full Article
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