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4 months ago

I just want to say thank you. : I’ve lived in Orange County for 48 years and I’ve never regretted not living somewhere else. The weather is great, the bug population is low, and the ocean breeze is a constant gift. Most people in Orange County are hard working and appreciate being chill. We aren’t east coast agro, or think we are Hollywood, or SF enlightened. Most of use love our diversity and it fuels the mixing of new ideas. I’ve had help pushing my car and food dropped on my porch when things got rough. There is nowhere in Orange County where I don’t feel safe during the day and that isn’t possible without most of you being cool. I hope you all find a place you can afford and I hope your favorite taco or Pho place stays in business, but never gets too crowded. Peace out friends. The sunsets never get old. Full Article

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