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8 days ago

Considering moving to Tampa with my friend! : There's not much for me up here in Dalton, GA. I tried 1 year of college but it wasnt for me. Now I plan on going to tech school this fall but I just need to find myself and I want my life to change. Why not try it out? I really dont have much to loose. I live with my grandparents on their farm up here, help them and go to work part time. My friend is my old lead from my job. She moved up here for a year from Tampa to see if she could fix stuff with her family. Nope, didn't work out. I got to know her from work, then she could tell I had a good work ethic, etc. We have gotten to know eachother well and I see her as kind of like a mother figure to be honest. She can tell college isn't for me and that I could move down to Tampa with her and she could get me linked with a job and stuff. And if it didnt work out, I could come back to Dalton. I mean why not? I have been wanting to start my life over. I am 19 so it's not like I have major responsibilities up here in Dalton. Full Article
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