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4 months ago

Should I move to Albuquerque? : Hello! ☺️ So about six months ago I decided I was going to sell my house and just move to some city where I don’t know anyone. I really was thinking about somewhere out west and I visited Albuquerque once and I liked it. Plus it’s not too crazy expensive like a lot of places out west, & it seems like a cool city. BUT, one of my favorite things about being out west is I remember there was hardly any bugs compared to how it is in Indiana. Well I’ve been looking for apartments and 80% of the time it mentions roaches then I end up doing some digging and it seems like the whole city is infested with them 🥺 I’ve never seen a roach before but bugs really freak me out and I don’t think I can handle it if they’re all over (and yes I know I sound like a baby 😂) So anyways, is the roach problem really that bad? Is it everywhere? Do you think I should just avoid Albuquerque? If not Albuquerque is there somewhere else you’d recommend? (P.s. I saw y’all have a moth party going on right now idc about them) Full Article

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