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11 days ago

Will you be my friend? : Hi r/Oakland, I’m a lady in my late 20s who moved to Oakland for a relationship and then made the cardinal mistake of getting into ANOTHER relationship and now in my third (and hopefully final) relationship I’m wishing I had invested some more time in cultivating a bigger friend network locally. For work I do administrative stuff in tech, but I’m pivoting careers to teaching (any teachers out there?!), love walking around the lake, eating a good poached egg (at the socially accepted time of brunch but also at any point in the day), and lowkey hangs like drinking a good beer, going out for coffee (or drinking a coffee stout), and playing board games. I also think I’m pretty funny (the friends that I DO have here agree, not that I’m trying to bribe you but they’re pretty cool and you could also meet them). Pls inquire within if you are: kind, have a favorite coffee shop you want to go to, also like walking around the lake and/ or wish you were just slightly more active, or also just wish you had more people to casually hang out with locally. It’s hard when people are here so transiently! Help a girl out Full Article
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