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16 days ago

Unison, ZeroDown for buying a house? : Has anyone looked into Unison or ZeroDown for buying a house? Both are some variation of down payment assistance or rent-to-own type schemes. Both are HQ’d in SF I think. Unison pays 5-15% of your down payment in exchange for some share in future gains or losses in your home value when you sell. ZeroDown looks more like a rent-to-own where you pay a small down payment and then a monthly rent with option to buy the home a few years later. High level is seems like Unison would be a decent deal if you were buying a home that you didn’t think would increase in price rapidly. Then you benefit from not having to put down a massive down payment but still get to move in today. ZeroDown sounds like a better deal if you thought your house would appreciate rapidly since you increase your equity with your “rent” at the purchase value. Unison: ZeroDown: Full Article

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