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21 days ago

Possibly moving to South Florida : Hello I'm from Germany and I want to move to South Florida to study. I've been checking out Tampa in particular because it seems like rent is cheap there. On Zillow there are quite a few apartments in the $700-950 range, but I feel like there is a catch. High crime areas? Buildings about to be demolished? Any areas I should avoid and stay away from? For anyone wondering, the apartments are located west of downtown and all the way from north of downtown to north Tampa. I'm in my early 20s, is it easy to make new friends in this city? What's the weather like? Warm and sunny year round? What's HCC like? Which campus is best? How realistic would it be to commute every day from Tampa Heights/North Tampa area to Drew Park? The Dale Marby Campus is located in Drew Park and it seems like that is the only campus that is located in Tampa. My plan is to get a Bachelor's in Business. First two years at HCC and then transfer to USF. What's USF like? Is it expensive to own and maintain a car in Florida? Any advice and tips would be deeply appreciated! Full Article
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