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6 days ago

Not sure if bicycle commuting is right for you? Santa Monica Bike Center will let you try it out for 2 weeks (free)! : Sometimes it takes a little push to try something new. I got my sister to bicycle commute at the age of 50. She used to take the bus everyday for over 20 years. She was very hesitant since she hadn't ridden a bike for over three decades. She absolutely loved it and came home with a big smile and couldn't believe it took this long to discover bicycle commuting. If you want to try it, Santa Monica Bike Center will give you a bicycle with all needed accessories (helmet, locks, lights, panniers, child seats, etc), along with support in planning your route, for 2 weeks. Free! Of course, you are responsible for lost/stolen/damaged items and will need a credit card for a deposit. More info is available here. Santa Monica Bike Center is located at the corner of 2nd & Colorado. And if you're still nervous about riding in traffic, I will ride with you on your first day. I'll also help you plan a safe route. I did the same with my sister on her first day. submitted by /u/Howardval [link] [comments] Full Article

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