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4 months ago

A Red light means 🛑 : I’ve been wanting to post this for a while now. I noticed a substantial increase in drivers in Albuquerque driving through red lights. On a side note, I noticed an increase with drivers using their turn signals/blinkers which is great but this is much more frustrating. Men and women do this. I do not understand why it’s becoming more and more apparent in Albuquerque but I experience it at least once a day and the people that do this always have this smug look on their face as they do it. It is extremely dangerous and it needs to stop. It usually happens to me when I get a green light and want to proceed driving straight and some ass hat clearly has a red arrow and proceeds to cut me off and turns in front of me anyway. I honk and start yelling in my car and can clearly see the driver smiling or grinning at me and sometimes even I get the middle finger as if it is my fault that I want to drive on a green light. I shouldn’t have to look out for you people when I have a green light. Green means go! Red means stop! When you get a yellow arrow and are behind an intersection, that means stop! When you get a yellow arrow or yellow light and are already in the intersection, that means go quickly. When you get a red arrow or red light, that means stop! I apologize about this rant but i needed to vent for a little bit. This is very dangerous driving behavior and I don’t know why it’s becoming more and more prevalent in this city. Full Article

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