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4 days ago

I’m going to be moving down to Florida from New England and could use some advice. : Hello all! As the title says I’m going to be moving down to central Florida (specifically Leesburg) from southern New Hampshire. I have only been there once (during the interview for the job I got) and so I don’t know the area, and this will be my first long distance move out of New England. So I had some questions I was hoping to get some help with. What is the best bank in or around the Leesburg area? My current bank does not have branches outside of NH and so I was hoping to switch to a good local bank. For others who may have come from New England or other northern states, what was the adjustment like for you? What can I do to make it easier? I would also appreciate any other advice you have or tips any of you could share with me about living in Florida, or making a long distance move like this. Thank you! Full Article
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