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5 days ago

Lawn experts of Tampa Bay: is now an OK time to overseed a very patchy lawn? : I tried weed killing, then spike aerating, then overseeding my lawn in March with pensacola bahia grass overlaid with milorganite and watered every day for a month. No luck whatsoever. Could be in part because I have low water pressure and it's difficult to really get the area as saturated as one would hope. To that end, now that it's finally starting to rain every day or two, I'm thinking that might help make up for my insufficient artificial watering should I choose to try again. Is that instinct right or wrong? Also, anything I should try differently? Any thoughts or experience? Yes, I could sod instead or I could hire somebody to help with this, but I'm a renter and so I'm only interested in putting enough money into this to (A) keep the yard a *little* bit greener so my dog doesn't get so dirty lying down out there, and (B) not leave it a total mess whenever I move one day (it wasn't in good shape when I got it, and has deteriorated a little bit more since then). Thanks for any and all advice! Full Article
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