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10 days ago

Seeking a good home for Bonnie the Corgi : ​
​ Let me tell you about Bonnie. ​ I moved to Florida in 2005 after a divorce, and decided I needed a companion. I fell in love with this Corgi puppy and had to have her. I named her Cadi. She was a sweet, gentle dog who loved just sitting at your feet and being content. ​ A year later, I got Bonnie. She was a ball of energy, constantly playing and running and doing everything in her power to annoy Cadi. The three of us had walks and treats and adventures for a long time, and Bonnie never lost that puppy energy. ​ I got married a few years ago, and my wife and I had a baby last June. Cadi had been in poor health for a while, and once the baby got here, I think she sensed that her job of being my companion was complete. She passed away a couple of weeks later. ​ Bonnie doesn't act like a puppy too much anymore. Her hips are bad, and her hind legs splay out as she struggles to get them underneath her. She mostly lays in the corner watching the baby crawl and look for things to play with. She has accidents more often nowadays, even with lots of outside breaks. ​ Bonnie misses Cadi, and with new jobs and baby duty and everything in between, there's not enough hours in the day to give her the attention she needs. ​ It would be inhumane to ask her vet to put her down, when she still has some years left. But she needs a home that can give her lots of attention and walks and let her feel like a puppy again, even if she's not. ​ If anyone in the Tampa (Oldsmar) area is interested in giving Bonnie the love and attention she deserves, message me. I love Bonnie very much, and want to do more for her than I'm able. Full Article
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